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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Social Media Management Tools to Ease the Way of Online Social Life

Social media management is the mantra to online survival exclusively for busy entrepreneurs and those who are fond of fanfame. The same is the survival strategy also for the youngsters who can’t think of breaking loose from their online communities even for a single day. Scheduling updates is a most important activity for social media management. Fortunately, there are a number of free tools to help you schedule and manage updates across several social networking platforms.


With a huge store of applications mobile, iPhone and desktop, Hootsuite is an advanced platform for social media management. Supported on desktop applications like Windows, Linux and Mac, it lets you schedule your updates on web-based social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and WordPress as well. Access to Hootsuite on mobile applications is limited.


LaterBro, a must easier-to-use tool for social media management features the sign-in screen where Twitter and Facebook freaks can log in to their profiles on these two most popular social networking sites. With help of LaterBro, you can schedule updates to be posted on multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. With LaterBro, you have multiple options to choose from like when an update should appear and on which account.


CoTweet, a Twitter based tool for social media management, is to help schedule an update on an enterprise’s Twitter accounts. The tool also helps the enterprise engage with its customers on the Twitter accounts. Facility to schedule your tweets by time as well as date is one of the useful attributes of CoTweet. With this social media management tool, updates can be scheduled also on


To schedule tweets for multiple Twitter accounts, you need to log in to Twaitter with your Twitter login details. Twaitter is on the way to be called Grem1n. The scheduled tweets are featured in a queue and you can edit or delete them before they are posted. Twaitter also offers URL shortening and spell checking services. To say more, it translates tweets in your chosen language and connects with as well.

Twitter is an all in one platform for instant messaging, microblogging, online socializing, business networking and social media marketing. Hence, scheduling tweets to update Twitter profiles is an activity, part and parcel of social media management. Whatever be your purpose to hook on to Twitter almost every day - keeping your followers updated about the goings-on in your life, keep their interest in you alive with the latest news in the niche of your choice and keep them informed of upcoming marketing issues. With free online services for social media management on Twitter, you can schedule your tweets. Some of the most used are listed below –
FutureTweet • Tweetsqueue • Dynamic Tweets • Taweet • Tweet-U-Later • TweetSched • Twuffer

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